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You Are Allowed to be Fragile

Today, I learned a valuable life lesson that I feel I have to share—because if there's one thing we all know is that I like to overshare!

Earlier, I was called out for being embarrassed about crying when I got upset. This got me thinking: I never feel embarrassed when others cry around me, so why do I feel that way when it's my own tears?

The answer, I realised, lies in how hard I am on myself. I constantly tell myself I should have been calmer, I shouldn’t have taken things so personally, I should be more resilient. The "shoulds" can be incredibly damaging, creating a standard we put on ourselves that's often impossible to meet.

I've spoken before about the harmful power of the ‘S’ word! It sets up unrealistic expectations and often does more harm than good. The pressure to conform to these "shoulds" can prevent us from accepting our natural emotions, leading to unnecessary guilt and embarrassment.

So, here's the lesson: It’s ok to be fragile. There is no such thing as being overly sensitive. Being human means experiencing the full range of emotions, and that includes crying when we're upset. Next time you find yourself in tears, remember to be kind to yourself. Instead of judging yourself for being emotional, remind yourself, “I’m only human.”

Crying is not a sign of weakness but a testament to our humanity. Embrace it, and allow yourself the grace you readily extend to others. We all have moments of vulnerability, and it’s in these moments that our true strength lies.

Let’s all commit to being kinder to ourselves, letting go of the "shoulds," and recognising that fragility is just a part of the beautiful human experience.

Lots of Love,



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