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My Top Picks for Furniture Upcycling: The Ultimate Paintbrushes

Are you a furniture upcycling enthusiast like me? If so, you know that choosing the right paintbrush can make all the difference in the outcome of your project. Over the years, I've tried various brushes, and I've finally found my favourites that I can't live without.

Let me introduce you to my top ultimate paintbrush picks for furniture upcycling, including my all-time favourite, the Annie Sloan Chalk Brush.

1. Annie Sloan Chalk Brush: The Ultimate Blending Tool

My furniture upcycling journey took a giant leap when I discovered the Annie Sloan Chalk Brush. This brush is a true gem when it comes to blending, which is essential for achieving those stunning gradient or sunset effects on your pieces. Whether you're transitioning from one colour to another or creating an ombre look, the Annie Sloan Chalk Brush is your go-to tool. The soft bristles work like magic to seamlessly blend colours, giving your furniture a beautiful, professional finish.

You can easily find Annie Sloan brushes at your local stockist.

Just click to locate your nearest retailer.

2. Cling On Brushes: Precise and Versatile

Cling On Brushes are another favourite in my collection. I received a freebie at the latest Painters Business Academy, and I'm now hooked. These brushes are fantastic for controlling the amount of paint you apply to your furniture, making them ideal for achieving that perfect finish without any streaks or drips.

Check out the Cling On Brushes collection at

Trust me; you won't be disappointed!

3. Staalmeester Angled Brush: Mastering Those Tricky Corners

Getting into corners and hard-to-reach areas can be a challenge, but the Staalmeester Angled Brush is here to help. This brush was another gem I received as a freebie from the PBA, and it has quickly become an essential to!. Its angled design allows for precise application, ensuring no nook or cranny goes untouched.

For more information on the Staalmeester Angled Brush, head to

4. 2 Fussy Blokes Roller: A Smooth Finish Every Time

If you're aiming for a sleek, spray-paint-like finish without the hassle of brushes, the 2 Fussy Blokes Roller is a game-changer. This roller is perfect for achieving a flawless surface on your furniture, and it's a must-have in your toolkit.

To get your hands on this remarkable roller, visit to find stockists near you.

Having the right paintbrushes at your disposal can significantly enhance your furniture upcycling projects. Whether you're going for a beautifully blended sunset effect with the Annie Sloan Chalk Brush, precision painting with Cling On Brushes, tackling tricky corners with the Staalmeester Angled Brush, or achieving a professional finish with the 2 Fussy Blokes Roller, these tools are sure to elevate your furniture upcycling game.

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