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Growing Up With Poor Mental Health

Growing up in the 90s with mental health struggles was a journey I never fully understood until now.  My teenage tears were more than hormonal. Anxiety and depression were my constant companions, yet I couldn't articulate it then. The silence I maintained due to shame and lack of understanding led to a deep struggle that I keep with me even today.

Thanks to social media and organisations like Mind, the conversation around mental health has expanded.  Due to more knowledge, I have been able to Acknowledge my feelings and labelling them as depression and anxiety has normalised my experiences. Similarly, sharing my story on social media connects me with others facing similar battles.

Reflecting on my journey, I recognise the importance of mental health awareness. Schools embracing therapeutic practices, parents beginning to understand diverse mental health issues, and friends supporting one another are vital. However, the challenge lies in insufficient resources to meet the growing demand for mental health support.

Where is the action?

A few years ago I was fortunate to receive Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) through the NHS, however, the current demand surpasses available resources. The ongoing debate on whether mental health issues are worsening or if more people are coming forward highlights the need for increased capacity.

Charities like Y:AMHS in Crawley and Eastbourne Open Space are doing commendable work, providing essential support to young people and their parents. Their listening ears, support channels, and well-being initiatives create crucial steppingstones. Supporting these charities through monthly donations can make a significant impact on the lives of those they serve.

This is all of work. There are too many new missing people that are never found again. By fostering awareness, supporting charities, and advocating for increased resources, we can create a more compassionate and inclusive environment for those navigating the complexities of mental health.

If you are in a position to, please donate to Y:AMHS

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