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This little one taught me a life lesson today. She reminded me to be determined. Bea pushed the buggy up hill for nearly a mile. She never gave up. She believed she could do it, so she did. She’s not quite two yet!

Nearly two years ago she was also determined to enter the world five weeks early. She didn’t cry. She needed help then. But ever since she has been showing us all how strong she is, how independent and how sure of everything she is!

Sometimes it’s all to easy to forget these lessons life teaches us. But do you know what, we can learn a lot from our children’s simplicity.

With this in mind (back to furniture now!) I was getting annoyed with a unit that has never gone to plan! I think we all get those pieces that test us! So before I threw it through the window I found the determination to sand the whole thing back and start again! Annoying? Very! Dust everywhere? Yso!

But watch this space for some interesting mid century modern furniture.... hopefully in the near future as I am determined to finish it in style!

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