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Create a Sanctuary

In a world of uncertainty and change it is really important to have a place to reflect, to think, to create... a kind of sanctuary. Life can be so fast that it is impossible to keep up with the game and suddenly we begin to develop a fear of missing out. In the end, we try to do too much and end up experiencing nothing as we are too busy doing everything.

So where can we press pause?

This space can be whatever you need it to be. What is important is that it has the colours you love, the materials that make you feel good, the right lighting and the right noise. In Reality we might not be able to create all of these; in my house for example, the noise levels seem to be uncontrollable and our home is not so big. However, I am now redecorating my bedroom, after two years of putting up with peeling brown wallpaper! It has hardly been a place of refuge or a place I enjoyed being in. So I decided I needed a sanctuary to hide away from the little ones when I need a break and I cannot wait to start designing the interior! I am going with navy and dusky pink and obviously will be using Authentic Sailors Blue on all my bedroom furniture!

The beautiful bureau pictured above is another example of the simple joy colour and design can bring to someone. I refinished this bureau for a friend of mine and she loves it! To her, this bureau is not just a bureau, it is the first thing she sees when she comes down the stairs, a place to study and a place to journal and reflect on life. I purchased calming gem stones and a book of positivity to live in the bureau also. (It is worth noting that these little details and gestures are what makes shopping from a small business so pleasurable and unique).

I definitely got the warm glow when I received this text...

"It is the most beautiful piece, I've been stood looking at it for ages. This piece is more than just a piece, it's love, friendship, happy beginnings and a sanctuary at a time when needed most.....thank you thank you xxx"

My friend had no idea on the design but she loved the shape of this bureau I had. She had sunflowers at her wedding, so I used yellow and green as a starting point. Never being satisfied with using just two colours, I then used a mix of orange and purple to create more calming colours and blended them to create that peaceful feeling. I then used green faux leather for practicality and added ply flowers and Woodubend flowers for decoration.

I decided to use Authentico Sunflower in the Versante range on the case of the bureau for durability. Then I used Bright Green, Yellow Rose, Heliotrope and Narang in the Vintage range for lower traffic areas. I finished using homemade rosewood wax from Rose55 Designs. It is never straight forward when it comes to old furniture, but in the end I realised my vision and was able to deliver a piece I was proud of.

I get regular updates and photos of the bureau in use! But nothing could have prepared me for this beautiful poem my friend wrote for her nan who sadly passed away recently. She was inspired to write this poem whilst sat at her sanctuary and bravely read it at her Nan's funeral.

Nan/ Great Nan

You were a beautiful lady

With a precious gift to share

You lit up every room

And showed us how to care

Your love was unconditional

And felt by everyone

Your laugh so contagious

You shone brighter than the sun

Luck was always on your side

And giving was your treasure

For the happiness of others

Was how your smile was measured

Every day I will miss you

And that will never change

You taught me a great deal

Life without you will be strange

Close your eyes and rest now

Knowing your legacy goes on

For every one of us your love continues

Even though you're gone

Love you Nan xxx

This blog is for you My Friend, and everyone else who is currently grieving a loved one due to this awful disease.

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