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B is for Beach

I love the outdoors and especially the colours of the seasons that Britain brings, but my all time special place has got to be the beach; The smell, the feel, the sounds, the colours, the space.

Whatever the weather, it just seems to suit my mood and It’s all just so unique and beautiful. Perhaps that’s why I keep returning to painting abstract seascapes. If I can’t get to the beach then I can paint it.

I’d like to thank all the photographers on social media that I’m able to gain inspiration through and for helping me to visualise the colours of the beach when I can‘t physically get there myself!

What special place do you have that you can visit and give yourself a boost or a moment of calm?

This lebus furniture was keyed and primed (but with a hint of yellow so the starting base wasn’t so stark). Then in my mind I pictured a photo of a foggy morning and began painting layers of yellows, greens, greys and white. As soon as the paint stopped blending I would dip my paintbrush in a little water to reactivate it. It took 3 attempts to create the toned down look I was looking for, then I added a touch of gold posh chalk for glamour. With this type of painting you can really let yourself go, mistakes can rectified and you can just lose yourself in your seascape.

I used autentico vintage- Brazilian bird, marigold, Narang, poetic, racer green, Corfu white, indigo and probably some other colours! Finished using Rose 55Design Lime wax.

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