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Add colour into your life

The other day I nearly betrayed myself by painting a piece of furniture white for a quick sale!

I was having a low day, lacking motivation and just feeling a bit sad really, but as I started painting, something took over me!

My brush dabbled in turquoise, emerald, purple, yellow, orange and pink! All on one piece of furniture! And by the end of it I felt happy and warm and content and excited at the endless possibilities.

I named this piece of furniture Seaside Romance, as it reminded me of drinking a cocktail on an exotic beach and watching the sunset.

I am so happy that Sunset Romance has found a new home by the sea and that another person gets to enjoy her beautiful bold colours.

It is incredible what happens whenwe bring colour into our lives; Permanent colour that we can bring into our homes, or wear on our bodies that we can trust to stay and brighten up our days and our mood!

Looking at bright and warm colours releases those happy hormones! The fun part is that you get to choose the source of colour. It can lay in your rug, in pictures, on your walls, accessories, or in my case, more often than not, on furniture

So my answer to a gloomy day is to bring colour into your lives! Wear bright clothes, grab that red lipstick, buy bright flowers, and commission me to paint your furniture!

Jaycee 💕💕

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